Rage: Hidden

For many women, the emotion hidden the deepest is RAGE.

Taught to be nice and nurturing, gentle and sweet, patient and tolerant, to turn both cheeks, we build cellars in the mind from the earliest age and there chain up our anger, imprisoning it in dank, rat-strewn darkness.

Too often, it seeps out impotently, like flatulence – and poisons the atmosphere with passive-aggressive sniping.

But things hidden have a strange habit of being found – of erupting, spilling out, boiling over. Deep holes and tamped down earth cannot hide the purulent stink of decomposition, whether the source be corpse or immured emotion.

We are not obliged to be sugar and spice and all things nice! We do not have to conform to even-tempered people-pleasing and putting every other bugger’s needs first. We are allowed to scream and screech, rock and roll, lose the plot and our tempers, rage and throw things!

Rage is cleansing! It clears the tubes!


Hidden rage is demonic, uncontrollable, crashing about down in the depths destroying all in its path.

Hidden rage kills.


20 thoughts on “Rage: Hidden

  1. I spent so many years hiding and controlling my temper, as the only one who used to suffer from my accidental outbursts was me. These days, I usually run to the bottom of my garden and let out the loudest, angriest primal scream ever!

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  2. I so agree, which is why I found my music so therapeutic as I could bash out my anger on the ivories.
    I’ve ‘lost it’ twice, the first when I was very young slapping my sister across the face as she pushed me too far (jelly complete with glass dish rammed in my face) and frightened myself when I realised I had such a temper. The second was at previous partner, who again pushed me over the edge and he got a fresh cup of coffee thrown over him. I had a complete breakdown with that. True rage though? I guess for me it was acute anger.
    Now I just take the dog for a walk.

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