Chiefs of Staff Trumped by Tweet!

What the f***?

How utterly shallow can you get?!

Tweeting is bad enough in the hands of vapid and vain celebrities; but, as a tool with which to deliver something as egregious as a ban on transgender troops in the Armed Forces, it segues into the realm of Lala Land combined with

How utterly bloody contemptible. The ban itself strikes me as a nasty and nonsensical piece of utter twattery thought up by an individual so shallow that a puddle looks deep in comparison. The slight implied by tweeting this insult is so tooth-gnashingly puerile that words almost fail me.

What the hell is this man’s objection to transgender troops anyway? Does one only count as brave and stalwart and accurate enough to blow the enemy’s head off if one sticks to the gender one was born into? Are bullets and bombs, napalm and IEDs so effing discriminating that they give a rat’s arse what lies beneath the uniform? Is courage a boys’ own club – with the reluctant inclusion of some girlies for political expediency?

It is people who go to war, who fight for their countries, not genitals!

I dread to think what grisly assumptions and ridiculous stereotypes lie beneath this dangerous act. The fact that the Chiefs of Staff had no idea prior to Attack by Trumped-Up Tweet surprises me not a jot – but is, nonetheless, an appalling indication of the arrogance of the tweeter!

Does it not occur to the credulous that the real evil here has nothing to do with the gender of our military troops – and everything to do with the mindset of a world leader who ‘communicates’ (if such a word can be used in conjunction with this man) via Twitter, and whose views are so far to the Right of Genghis Khan that the latter appears like a soppy Liberal in comparison?!

Goddess give me strength, is all I can say!


10 thoughts on “Chiefs of Staff Trumped by Tweet!

    1. I can well imagine, Alethea. Looking at the muppets, puppets and parrot-faced spawny-eyed wazzocks we’ve got over here, I am beginning to suspect that the governmental system as we know it is not long for this world. xxx

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    1. Can’t say that the toads and tossers over here are much to write home about either, Suze. If they’re not fiddling expenses, they are showing bog-all empathy for the Common Man. Guy Fawkes had the right idea!!! xxx


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