‘The Amortal’ – a Shadow of the Tor production

Did I ever think, when I joined Shadow of the Tor back in March, that I would get involved in a film? No, not in a million years!

Written and directed by B. M Crowley, ‘The Amortal’ is a short film all about the life, and frustrations, of an Amortal (a man to whom death is an impossible dream!).

A couple of months ago, film tests were held, locations decided upon, lines learned – and, in July, filming started in earnest.

To my surprised delight, I got a part! Not saying anymore than that! Nor am I going to divulge any further details of the storyline and actors. The trailer is above for your delectation. It gives a fabulous flavour of the finished product.

Shooting this film was tremendous fun. We traipsed to graveyards, loitered in flats, lurked on various Glastonian streets and, one hot sunny day, took two cars, divers cameras, a plenitude of actors, drivers, film crew and our be-hatted director  and drove down windy country lanes to a secret place (which is, I suspect, literally not on the map!) for a fun-filled, hilarious – er, I mean, serious and consistently industrious! – few hours out in the countryside!

The première takes place in the autumn – and I am looking forward to it enormously.

The whole thing has been an incredibly bonding experience: fabulous script, concept and directing skills from Brad Crowley (whom I have mentioned in these annals before); great acting by the two stars, Jon Coyne and Lysah J. Hughesman – and many memorable cameo roles and hysterically funny moments from the filming days.

I urge you to watch this short clip – and see for yourself the talent that lies within the Mists of Avalon and is the shining light illuminating Shadow of the Tor!



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