‘Please copy/share to show you care…’ No, NO, Thrice NO!!! DP


Priceless! Hilarious! But in a dark and scathing way! These attempts, I mean, to guilt-trip the unwary into signing, sharing, tritely commenting in the light (or should that be ‘darkness’?) of the old Facebook Care and Share Loaf of Emotional Bread Appeal…

I have done it myself. Many people I know have too. This kind of invidious nonsense catches us on our guilt bone (think funny bone but even more painful!) and triggers primordial fear – of being sent to Hell? Unfriended? Defrocked?

Fuck knows, frankly!

I am going to take the risk of making myself very unpopular. Won’t be the first time, believe you me. The approach immortalised in my title, used unto death on Facebook and other, similar, sites, is little more than emotional blackmail, however you look at it – and a potential open portal for hordes of hackers to launch virulent and vicious viruses our way.

It is manipulative – taken, I often fear, from Chapter One of ‘Mind-Fucking for Beginners’ (made-up title; serious and sinister form of manipulation of others) – and, with its egregious suggestions, allows those reading this filth to be persuaded that, if they do not comply, some great evil will befall them or their loved ones; or that they will be revealed as the flinty-hearted, utterly selfish monsters they so fear if they do not share and care.

I think it is all subliminal mind-control and, thus, to be avoided – with ducking stool, pin and nipple-counting where necessary! – at all times.

Seriously, though, why the hell should any of us feel the need to prove the depth of our love and support in this way? Why should we put up with the implicit threat behind such statements as, ‘I know which of you will share/copy/comment on this…’ The clear implication being that, if you are not one of those, you have shown yourself up as a total shit of the first order and should probably be culled forthwith.

Bollocks! Utter drivel! Wheedling rubbish!

The arrogant assumption behind all this – that one only shows one’s true caring colours by playing this kind of children’s game on a social site – is so mind-blowingly puerile that I am amazed I was ever taken in, even for one second.

Think about it: does failing to share a meme about suicide mean that you are encouraging terminal self-harm, are uncaring about mental health problems, so cold-hearted that you would walk away from a person in desperate need?

Of course it doesn’t!

Why do we feel this need to justify our integrity, lay bare our compassion, in this awful, punitive and intrusive way?

Facebook is not the real world, no matter how much we may kid ourselves that it is. It is not the realm in which we touch those who need a hug, or care for those who are suicidal, or comfort the bereaved. It is not the realm in which we touch the earth, stroke an animal’s soft fur, patch up a child who has fallen off a bike or hold the hand of a friend who is distraught.

We do not need this constant pressure to prove that we have feelings. It actually tells the world nothing of true value about us. Not unless it is backed up by genuine concern and needful action on the ground – that is, for those who have forgotten, off the bloody internet!

So, be warned: I will NOT be circulating any more angels, pots of flowers or other chain letters in all but name to my nearest and dearest ( partly because I want to keep these people in my life!); nor will I spend a moment of guilt for failing to copy, paste, comment on blatant examples of emotional blackmail.

If that makes me Bitch of the Year, so be it.

I do not give a toss!



14 thoughts on “‘Please copy/share to show you care…’ No, NO, Thrice NO!!! DP

  1. With you 100% of the way on this. No one, absolutely no one tells me what I should do on Facebook. Damned control freaks, the lot of ’em!

    [Now make sure you share my comment with at least 100 friends by next Shrove Tuesday or you’ll get a plague of boils!]

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  2. Ruth

    I never respond to any of those kinds of online sharing things – in fact I have the opposite gut reaction where I absolutely won’t copy/paste/share anything that tries to blackmail me emotionally, even if it’s something I agree with! Just too many years of being emotionally manipulated by others, I think… 🙂

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