Aelph’s Soaring Moment!

Last Friday, my friend, Aelph Edgewood (, and I went down to the King Arthur pub to see Earth Reggae/Conscious Roots band, Sunny and Ed Davidson (, play.

They were great, really brilliant to dance to – and a most personable pair of lads too. Helen, their fiddle-player, was magnificent, as was their drummer (whose name I stupidly failed to ask).

The vibe was excellent and several of us got up on the small space between technical equipment and stage and boogied frenetically: very good fun.

But, for me – and, I suspect, for most of the assembled music-lovers – the best bit came at the end, when Sunny and Ed asked if anyone wanted to come and sing with them for their final number.

Aelph, who is a superb musician and composer, was up there in two shakes of a marmoset’s tail – and, microphone in hand, launched into a wonderful and spontaneous accompaniment to the song. It was really powerful and primal: Forceful female energy expressed in lionesque sounds; haunting notes crooned; deep jungle rhythms reminiscent of the beat of the Earth Mother’s heart – and all perfectly matched to the tune sung by the band.

I attempted to video this tour de force – but, unfortunately, my abilities in this direction match those associated with Mathematics and Geography (bottom of the class job, in other words) – and, though my heart was in the right place, my finger on the Blackberry most certainly was not!

But it was fantastic to see a close friend shine in this way; to see her abundant talent displayed in front of others and, quite rightly, appreciated hugely. It was also lovely to see her proudly wearing one of her own beautiful designs (made into leggings among many other things).


Coincidence? No! I feel that Aelph’s moment on stage was meant to happen!


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