DP: Mechanics and Dentists and Travel: Eleven months on…


I have nested in Glastonbury – and very happy I am with this nesting area too! But some twigs have, inevitably, created little nestlets elsewhere – and this post deals with two of them!

Yesterday was the eleven month anniversary of my arrival in Ynys Witrin – and I spent the first half of it driving to Weston-super-Mare for my bi-annual visit to, as my late father put it, the Toothwright!

Dentists, like really good mechanics, are nuggets of gold – and should, in my view, be grabbed ahold of and kept, even if one does have to travel twenty miles to see them!

Paul Harding (owner of Harding’s Autos in Weston) has been my car-carer-and-mender since 1991, and I would not exchange him for all the tea in China. He came to my aid, in November of the aforementioned year, after my then-car had a hissy fit and stopped going, half way along the Upper Bristol Road. At the time I was living in Cecil Road (not far away, admittedly), but it was a drecht evening and I could not be arsed to walk!

Paul waved his metaphorical magic wand – and that was the start of a long and great association (twenty-six years thus far). Both of his sons came through the school I taught at, and I was the Deputy Head of Year of the younger one.

Paul has seen me through accidents, crap cars, sudden seize-ups and a plethora of odd noises, warning lights and oil shortages. I have recommended him to all my friends, and many people now esteem him as highly as I do.

My dentist, Lucy, is lovely: Very gentle and reassuring, just like her father (who was my dentist, at the same practice, until he retired a few years ago). I have been part of this Walliscote Road mob since before my son was born, so at least twenty years -and, for me, that drive back to Weston is a badge partly of loyalty (to a great team), but also an acknowledgement that perfection, once attained, does not need to be sullied with considerations of relative distance!

Prior to this dental surgery experience (which has been wholly positive from the start), I was a terrified and weeping heap when teeth came to the fore. In fact the sadist of a tooth-fiddler I had before Lad was born, and who had to do a deep filling while I was pregnant, snarled at me, as I quivered in the chair, ‘If you are making this much fuss about a mere filling, I dread to think how you’ll cope with childbirth!’

A fuck sight better than he would have done, of that I am quite sure!

My teeth – going back to yesterday – were fine, and I only needed a wee bit of scraping and the soothing reassurance of a thorough polish before I was on my way back home once more, a merry song on my lips and the taste of toothpaste in my mouth!

Yes, for me, those extra miles are as nothing when set against reliable and friendly service, excellent value for money and complete trustworthiness.

I can quite see myself doddering along to Harding’s Autos well into my dotage!

Eleven months on – and I know I am in the right place here, and have lovely friends and fantastic activities to enjoy ; but certain life necessities will remain at a distance because of their sheer quality!

8 thoughts on “DP: Mechanics and Dentists and Travel: Eleven months on…

  1. I can relate! Despite living about a megameter (1000 km) away from my family’s town, I wait to go to the dentist until my winter or spring break. I have not found a dentist in Wisconsin or Illinois, because it is so convenient to just wait for the holidays when I go back to see my family anyway.

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