Booby’s Debut: Aelph Edgewood creates a YouTube Video of Ali reading aloud…

Gorge, my dears, on this succulent dish, the one and only Booby Fellatio – a fine figure of several women!

This has been a real labour of love and friendship – and I feel very warmed, supported and encouraged as I write these words.

A while back, my lovely friend, Aelph Edgewood, filmed me reading three extracts from my humorously naughty book, ‘Come Laughing!’ Usually, I am very self-conscious about anything which involves cameras – but, because I trust Aelph implicitly – and know how talented she is – I was able to relax and just be me…or should that be: Just come out as Booby Fellatio?!

Aelph also managed, as I have mentioned before, to capture a snippet of Booby’s debut at the recent Shadow of the Tor Variety Evening and ‘The Amortal’ premiere, and this she has very cleverly added to the end of the video.

With a combination of visionary magic and the technical brilliance she uses in Edgewood Studios, Aelph spliced it all together, pruning and cutting and so forthing (says Ali, running very speedily out of appropriate words!) until she had the three sections smoothly gliding into one whole – and all the other bits and bobs in place.

Bless her, she spent hours and days on this – and the combination of meticulous attention to detail, wonderful artistic vision, humour and knowledge has left me gob-smacked and breath-taken. Watching, as she tweaked our three favourite Booby photos and put them together, had me reaching for my brain as it leaked out of my ears (my having completely failed to ascend the ladder of understanding by this time and having, instead, slid ignominiously down the snake of technological ineptness!) – and yet also vastly impressed by the apparent ease (misleading, I know!) of it all!

I am thrilled and delighted with the final product – and so touched by all the care and commitment that went into it.

On a serious note now – and something many may not realise – I start from a baseline of NO CONFIDENCE in myself as a woman. I am aware that I cover this up fairly well – and that the persona I adopted as a teacher can see me through most situations, at least on the surface – but the last few years have taken a massive toll upon my sense of any kind of attractiveness, let alone desirability, and, therefore, this has all been very confronting – though also liberating and enjoyable.

This video-making project has been healing on all sorts of levels – as was the chance to strut Booby’s stuff on stage three weeks ago.

Booby Fellatio, as a fully-formed alter ego, came to me three years ago when, lonely, scared and trapped, I felt utterly powerless. She seemed to have a strength and certainty I lacked – and her utter indifference to what anyone else thought was refreshingly different to my own terror of annoying or hurting or disagreeing with ANYONE.

She made me laugh, which was even better in a way – and reassured me that, somewhere deep inside, there was a version of her, no matter how watered down. But, and I’ll be honest here, I was too frightened – and, oddly, inhibited – to bring her out by myself; I needed to be sure, I suppose, that she was ridiculous in a controlled, deliberate and self-mocking way – and that it wasn’t just a case of me, Ali, making a complete and unaware fool of myself.

She is my creation – and her words are mine, as, indeed, are the phrases and descriptions, funny moments and lyrical ones, in the other two stories – but she is not me. She is, perhaps, a phase I never went through -or maybe one yet to come: Who knows?

But to bring her out in this way is a major step forward.

Thank you, dear Aelph!

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