Mystic-Ali: An Earthy Old Bawd!

This is me, Alienora, aged nearly fifty-nine! The lovely feathers, long since gone, were put in during the 2016 Glastonbury Frost Fayre and this photo taken soon afterwards, three weeks before I moved here permanently.

I am now a month away from reaching sixty and, among many other things, am mystical – but, according to much current thinking on the subject, I sure as hell don’t look it!

I am not pale and wan, or interestingly thin; Gothic is not a look that suits me (the one time I dyed my hair black, horses shied away in terror and small children wept!), and I’m afraid I don’t go a bundle on the far-away look, the plethora of occult doodads and the personal affiliation with, or psychic hotline to, a known member of the Fey or Dion Fortune/Morgan Le Fay/King Arthur!

And yet, I feel that I do, indeed, inspire a sense of spiritual mystery (even if it is only at the, ‘Jeez, she makes you wonder if mankind really was God’s last word,’ level), awe and fascination!

Why? Because I am a merry old bawd as well, with a loud laugh and a vulgar sense of humour – but, to some, Falstaff and mysticism do not marry well.

Actually, I think they do. My view is that you cannot be a mystic, or have a mystical turn of spirit, without also being fully earthed in the world, without your body also coming into play. In order to be transported to other realms, you need to have a solid base to return to – and you can’t get much more solid and earthy than moi!

I travel in mystical lands, and write of the experiences I have there – and then, once back, I am very likely to grab a large slab of Lindt, chuckle uproariously at an example of double entendre and write a post which combines the earth-based and the spiritual, a piece in which subtle eroticism blend with the fires of the spirit.

It concerns me, moving away from humour for a moment, that there is this view that spiritual people should, in some way, be rejecting the humanity which comes with a body and appetites and senses; that mysticism is often defined in terms of hermits and those of both genders who enter enclosed orders.

I do not think the act of giving up three-quarters of what makes us human beings is, in any way, a path to truly superior mystical ability. I think it can be a cop-out, a decision taken by those who are afraid of life, of passion, of the messiness and demands of the body!

Frankly, if I were to be the re-incarnation of someone from the past, it would most likely be an unnamed strumpet, Latrine Cleaner Number 8 or any one of the unremarked human being who have lived their lives in quiet obscurity and handed in their dinner pails with an equal lack of pomp and circumstance!

Channelled pieces on here are brief borrowings – generally from unknown sources – and, if I dip into anything, it is more akin to Collective Unconscious than famous historical or mythical figure.

I do not admire mystical pretentiousness or endless claims to rebirth of the souls of the famous and infamous. Mysticism is, to me, quiet and unassuming. It does not need to dress a particular way to be genuine, nor does it need to link to a spiritual Great to be validated.

We live in a world rich with the generous gifts of the senses – and no mystical journey, in my view, should be attempted without full recourse to the delights of earthing afterwards!

Mystic-Ali? Yup!

Source? Various and ultimately unknown!

14 thoughts on “Mystic-Ali: An Earthy Old Bawd!

  1. Spirituality is as one finds it. Mood or location, in motion or at rest. Preferably away from background noise, static of the modern world. Cooking programs, sport commentary, television in general, all the antithesis of spirituality. I think if I was to return it would be as the wan prince alone in a dark tower, sitting, thinking as phosphorescent waves crashed amongst weed strewn rocks abutting a lost palace. (Ah, just so full of fun, might invite you around for tea…) xx

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  2. Hope you have an enjoyable birthday and celebrate in style with your friends and family.
    Look at it this way, you’re not sixty, just celebrating your 39th 21st!
    Mine was a quiet night in a hotel with strawberries, chocolate, luxury bubble bath and a rubber duck. It was coupled with our silver wedding anniversary and MSM had the dog overnight so that we could pamper ourselves. Total bliss…. and a whole bed to ourselves!

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  3. Great words- have you heard of ‘spiritual bypassing’? People who believe they are too enlightened (or leaning that way) to deal the mess of real life, real emotions, & real bodies? You certainly sound beautifully grounded in your own reality, as you approach 60, so that’s great! I’m only 51, but so appreciate the groovy women who are leading the way ahead for me πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒˆβ€ G in Australia

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    1. Ah, a mere foetus in comparison, my dear G! 51! I vaguely remember it!!! Spiritual Bypassing: Great phrase and wonderful way of describing a reality I am only too well aware of in Glastonbury (and further afield!). xxx

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  4. “… you cannot be a mystic, or have a mystical turn of spirit, without also being fully earthed in the world, without your body also coming into play. In order to be transported to other realms, you need to have a solid base to return to …” Yep xxx

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