Anonymous Comments

I have twice recently had to ask someone commenting on one of my posts to identify him or herself – and, over the past six years, the most trouble I have had as a blogger has come from people who have refused to divulge either who they are or their real names.

Now, I totally understand the need to blog anonymously, or, indeed, to adopt a pseudonym for safety’s sake – and I have every sympathy for those who need to do so because they have come from a background of abuse.

However, there is something insidious about those who choose to nip onto a writer’s site, leave a comment which is, in some way, personal or slighting or provides information an anonymous commentator should not have access to – but who also want to both own and eat the ‘cake’ of the mask, the security of anonymity, the tease.

It is intimidating and unnecessary.

When I respond to comments, I never know whether the name you use is truly yours or not; I have to take it on trust that you are who you claim to be – and that, if you have chosen to hide your true identity, there is a good reason for this.

If you know me well enough to provide private information, and yet refuse to divulge who you actually are, this, to me, smacks of game-playing and an unfair division of power.

I will shoot this warning across the bows – openly, because I am open, and clearly so that everyone gets it: If I ask you to identify yourself, you have already played unfairly; if you refuse to comply, I will treat your comment as Spam and send it straight to the bin.

Similarly, I have the right, as the owner of this blog, to decide – often on gut instinct – whether something feels okay (and most do) or off, and to take whatever action I deem necessary.

Frankly, if you know me, you have no business hiding behind an anonymous label anyway.

Enough said, methinks…

26 thoughts on “Anonymous Comments

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  3. Sometimed wordpress messes with my login and posts my comment to folks as anonymous without me choosing it *even when I am logged in on my ancient laptop*, so that option may have happened. I don’t think it was me, although you can run a comment or two by me and see if it’s mine.

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        1. Exactly, Sue – and, these days, if it doesn’t feel right, I WILL challenge it! I have only openly binned on comment thus far and its writer (who had refused to divulge who she really was and whose comments were often off) immediately had a sulky tantrum and buggered off, never to be seen again! xxx


          1. If you don’t know who it is, how can you ask that person…? I am confused. If there is any chance it is mine, I haven’t seen any request, so am puzzled how you would contact that person. Do you just ask on your blog and if we see it then we see it?

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          2. I commented on the person’s comment (the way I am doing with you now) and asked her to reveal herself! This she has not done as yet – but she will read what I have said! I know it is not you, or anyone else who reads and comments on my posts regularly. x

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          3. Oh okay. In that case, it probably wasn’t me, except if I didn’t get my comments that day. Good to know. WordPress sometimes acts so dicey, so I’m glad it isn’t gettiong me in trouble!

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  4. Suze

    How frustrating it is to receive remarks that you absolutely KNOW come from someone that is in your sphere, yet they remain behind the mask of anonymity in order to annoy, or control. Good for you for shooting across the bow!

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