About Alienora Browning

My name is Alienora. I used to be a full-time English teacher (and was known as Miss Browning until 1997, and then Mrs Taylor) – but, since taking early retirement in 2012, I have been a writer.

Divorced, I have a son (now an adult) and live in Ynys Witrin.

In addition to continuing my diary-writing habit (now in its forty-fifth year), I have written over a thousand blog posts – and, since December 2014, published five novels. All five can be found via this link:


I am now, in May 2017, editing ‘Heneghan’, a novel I wrote in 1984 – and hope to get it published later this year.

I love music, acting, singing, humour, communing with like-minded friends, ritual drama, landscape, reading…

I am a student of the Western Mystery Tradition.



34 thoughts on “About Alienora Browning

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        1. Heehee! Always look on the bright side of life, as the Monty Python team so famously had it in ‘Life of Brian’! If you get a moment free from the Four Horsemen (in your case, Pestilence, Policing, DaylightRobbery and, that old favourite, Death), why not do a guest post for my blog? We could exchange/trade…


          1. I would love that. I’ve been reading some of your posts and they are hilarious and I enjoy your voice. I’m not really sure how guest posting works. I’ve only been doing this about a month. Never blogged or even had an instagram before this so the internet is a bit elusive to me. How does it work? (Also, all the best advice comes from monty python)

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          2. Wow! Thanks for good words. What you do is you write a piece – about anything you like, basically – and then send it to me, and I publish it on my blog, with a link to your blog so that a new audience gets to see what you are up to. If you want to go ahead, let me know and I’ll give you my email address.


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