Single Status!

I do not have a partner at present. Nor, to be frank, do I particularly want one! I am single, a boyfriend-free zone!

I think there is altogether too much emphasis on pairing-up regardless of quality. Those who do not have a partner are often pitied, censured, looked down upon. Their sexuality is called into question. They are, if female, regularly accused of being lesbians, or frigid, misandristic, humourless cows!

I do not hate men. I am not against relationships. I love sex. But I am having a pause. I am building my own strength, repairing the frayed parts, healing the wounds. I am anxious to avoid rushing desperately into the twosome situation on the rebound from divorce.

There is no disgrace in failing to have a partner. There is, I think, much empowerment to be had in making a conscious choice to put the a deux on hold for a indefinite period.

It is terribly easy to feel inferior and vulnerable when single. It is often very tempting to pick someone, anyone, in order to feel safe, socially acceptable and attractive. But these are not good reasons for having an intimate relationship – and, too often, the inherent desperation counts against true equality and fulfilment anyway.

I feel I need to find out who I am as a woman before I invite a partner into my life. I feel I need to get to the stage in which I am able to say, hand on heart, ‘I don’t need you; I want you!’ before embarking upon The Good Vessel Partnership once more!


A partner at any price is worthless! A man to hold on to, to drape over your arm, is little more than an accessory!

I’d rather wait for an equal than pay a King’s Ransom for an immediate street-value hit!