Phone Phobia…


I am – and always have been – borderline phone-phobic. I loathe speaking on the phone and avoid it where possible. It is not so bad when it is a business call, but personal ones do my head in completely.

I think this is attributable to the fact that I am far more at ease writing than talking by and large. I can express myself more fluently as a writer, and tend very easily to slip into the role of listener when the conversation involves physical voices. I am easily bullied by those who are adept at rhetoric, or intimidation, and find it very hard to hold my own in any kind of argument.

Even writing about this subject produces flutters of medium panic in my abdomen. I allow people to talk over me, to interrupt rudely, to try and ‘sell’ me things and to tell me all the things that are wrong with me. And that’s just friends and family!

There are a few exceptions to this. Lad and Lass have instigated several video calls since they went on their Grand Tour – and these have been a delight, a total beaming pleasure with lots of laughter and a lovely sense of bonding. I have a couple of close friends whose phone calls ARE always welcome, I think because we are on the same wave-length and so the usual pattern does not pertain to communications with these rare individuals.

I would far rather email, message or text – and, very occasionally (when the anxiety is very high), will actually pretend that I have not heard the phone ring if the person at the other end is someone I find especially stressful to talk to.

This post was inspired by a comment left by a friend on Facebook. I completely agreed with what this person said and liked the words written – but the sense of phone-based-panic was such that I could not bring myself to write back.

Anyone else out there find phones uncongenial, even threatening, in this way?