Fifty-two posts in one short month: RSI returns…


Yes, to all of these – and it is my own damn fault! Both shoulders, too, especially the left.

This short month, I have – for reasons I now find hard to justify! – spent most days hunched over this ruddy laptop (and not at an angle likely to give me any kind of bodily ease) writing post after post.

Ridiculous! Even I can see that!

Result? Fifty-two posts ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous – and a body which feels as if it belongs to an exceptionally decrepit nonagenarian.

Part of the RSI has been caused by my E key jumping ship – and the need to press down hard, with an already-sore left hand and arm, upon the remaining stub.

I really do need to learn to touch-type because my current way of writing on here (typing with one finger from each hand and crashing down upon the keys) is very wearing.

That’s it for this month. Not a world-shattering piece of prose by any standards!


15 thoughts on “Fifty-two posts in one short month: RSI returns…

  1. My girlfri_nd’s comput_r has the _ k_y missing. During my s_cond y_ar of coll_g_, th_ l_ft SHIFT k_y w_nt into th_ _th_r and mad_ for awkward capitalising.

    But losing th_ most common l_tt_r of th_ alphab_t mak_s for an __ri_ _xp_ri_nc_.

    (That was hard to writ_)

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  2. Dropping an E wasn’t like this in my day… :p

    I may have some spares, but will need the make and model to be sure…

    In th_ m_antim_ r_duc_ th_ pain by simply avoiding that l_tt_r which sits b_tw__n th_ “w” and “r” k_ys… 😉

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