Yellow: The colour of cowardice!

Yellow: The colour of liver disease!


Yellow: The colour of part of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ kit!


Yellow: The colour of sun and daffodils and other lovely flowers!


Yellow: The colour of lemons and the pithy inner part of pineapples, of golden raspberries and bees and saffron.


Yellow: Between green and orange on the rainbow, and one of the primary colours.


Yellow: A shortened version of ‘Yell “Hello!”‘

Yellow: A colour you can mix with others to create new and wondrous shades.

Yellow: A colour I wear rarely because it does not suit me, but which looks stunning on others I know.

Yellow: The Eastern Quarter. Spring. Hope. New life. Easter.

Yellow: If you say it enough times, it loses all sense and meaning.

Yellow: Why that combination of letters and sounds?

Ah! The wonder and mystery of words…


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